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Anytime, Anywhere

Your dealership is all about getting people outdoors and on the go. Shouldn’t your reporting tool let you do the same?

EmpowerReports keeps you connected wherever you roam! Check in, drill down, and effectively manage your data from anywhere—on your computer, tablet, or even your phone. Now you have the freedom to get out and explore, all while staying in touch with your dealership’s performance.

Visual Data

Presents data in a visually compelling manner, allowing you to grasp information quickly

Interactive Data

Get to the source of the problem using our powerful Interactive Reporting Drill-down feature

Timely Data

No more waiting for reports. They're updated automatically daily ensuring you always know what is going on

Actionable Data

Actionable data fuels smarter decisions, boosts efficiency, and propels your business towards success

Empowering Your Business by Elevating Your Reports

Lightspeed® is uniquely designed to meet the accounting and bookkeeping needs of dealers in the powersports, marine, and RV industries. As Lightspeed® specialists, our team here at The Accounting Guys has worked with this software more than any accounting firm in the country, and through those years of experience, we’ve learned that many dealerships want more out of their Lightspeed® reports.
EmpowerReports taps directly into the Lightspeed® DMS and all the data it contains, giving you faster, easier-to-use reports than you can get from Lightspeed® alone. How does EmpowerReports compare to the existing Lightspeed® reporting capabilities? Take a look.
Lightspeed® Basic Reporting EmpowerReports

Requires manual pulling of reports

Automatically pulls reports on a daily basis

Exports your data to a stagnant spreadsheet

Provides data in real time for the greatest accuracy

Provides basic, number-based reports that can be difficult to sift through

Provides visual reports with charts and graphics that are easier to understand

Shows only the surface data, not the source of the numbers

Allows you to drill down to the source of all your data

Allows for the generation of conflicting or out-of-date reports

Prevents manual manipulation and inaccuracies through real-time reporting

Need More Reasons to Consider EmpowerReports?

Enhanced Decision Making

Make informed decisions with real-time visual insights into performance.

Increased Profitability

Identify profit leaks, optimize processes, and maximize revenue.

Improved Inventory

Respond quickly to demand fluctuations with stock level tracking.

Streamlined Operations

Address issues promptly for smoother workflows.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a market edge with actionable insights..

Data-Driven Culture

Cultivate collaboration with a culture of data-based decisions.

Time and Cost Savings

Free resources from manual reporting for core tasks.

Customer Insights

Understand preferences for targeted marketing and satisfaction.


Expand success using actionable data for strategies.