Key Updates For Tax Season 2018: E-Filing Begins January 29th

E-Filing Begins January 29 

Your accountant can e-file your taxes as early as January 29th, if you have all your documents in order. This is just a few days away, so if you want to get ahead of the game and get your refund sooner, make sure you have all of your documents submitted to your accountant soon! 

Delayed Refunds for Select Tax Credits 

If you are claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit and/or the Additional Child Tax Credit, the IRS is delaying refunds on these returns until mid-February. So if you have either of these credits on your tax return, don’t expect your refund to hit your bank account until February 27th at the earliest. 

Verification of W-2s for Utah Refunds 

Your refund with the State of Utah may be delayed until March 1st if the State cannot verify your W-2 with your employer. So if you’re expecting a refund from Utah, please allow 120 days from the date you filed your return, or until March 1st—whichever is later—for your return to be processed. This is in an effort to protect your identity. 

There are numerous factors that can delay your return or refund, so it is always best to submit your paperwork as soon as you possibly can. If you’re ready to file, or have any questions about filing taxes in Provo, please schedule an appointment with one of our experienced CPAs.

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